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christine51us preguntó:

Hey Mama, just seen Kristen's interview it was great. I was just wondering how do you find out who produced a video. Someones video she shot last month in LA is out well a teaser I guess. I thought I would ask you since you have ways of finding these things out. So if you could find out maybe you could post it. Thanks have a good week.


Don’t really know…depends on IF the person that produced it wants to receive credit…

But someone with another agenda told me that Google funded the video (that is not the same as producing for those that don’t know) Producers are the ones that find the money…

But interesting little tidbit of info that is…

So…back about the same time funding was needed for this video Google changes the status of RK to reflect that Rob and Kristen are indeed TOGETHER and though they have since scrubbed this information from their biographies if you google ROBERT PATTINSON PARTNER this paragraph shows up along with a feedback link…

Despite a number of high-profile breakups (and rumors that Rob is hooking up with FKA twigs), Google lists Kristen Stewart as Robert Pattinson’s official partner. Ever since the two first met on the set of Twilight, the world has been obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s public romance.

Another interesting tidbit…does anyone know where Googles headquarters are?? Well you might be interested to know that they happen to be on Chicago.

So…Rob’s in Chicago seen sporting a new mustache for his upcoming role in Idol Eyes…presumably there to do research for said movie…but then low and behold he shows up in Paris and starts playing manager to a performer that seems to have gotten off track on her concert….could there have been a meeting with a weary investor thrown into the mix while Rob was in Chicago?


FYI…to the person that thought the Google info was important for me to know…thank you…I think you were right! Just not in the way you thought! Muahahaha.

I think we now know who shared with Google the relationship status information…Rob…setting the record straight. I think Google has scrubbed it from their bios due to the haters we know and “love”…but in the process gathered lots of information!! I wonder if they realize how much data they’ve given by sending feedback to Google, feedback that more than likely included vile comments. Almost everyone has a google account…and most of us are honest with our personal information when we set up those accounts. But along with your personal info Google also gets your IP address…so when sharing your thoughts about RK’s relationship status they have your IP address which they can cross reference with your Google account information…I bet some more ppl have been added to the hater watch list….

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