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i dont know if you've picked up on this but the latest interview that kris did over the phone just gave everyone in the fandom a clue that Robsten is unbroken. a while back rob once said that his home is wherever his dogs are and on the phone interview we all could clearly tell that they're with Kristen. so i guess his home is with Kristen, not that we didn't already know that. thats how i see it anyways i don't know whether or not you also see it as a clue as well?


Lol! Not sure if it was on purpose… But for those that need some kind of tangible proof… I’d say this fits the bill.

I have heard from the grapevine that the haters are claiming that Rob gave up the dogs so he could move on…lol…

Love how they change their story to fit their narrative.

What would be even better is if in an upcoming Rob interview all three dogs are mentioned! Now that would hurt some where they live and maybe perk up a few that need it!

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